Apartment concept in North America

In the 16th century high-rise apartments were built in the Yemeni, a city of Shibam. There were 500 tower house apartments that were all made out of mud bricks. They varied from 5 to 11 stories high. Each floor had 1-2 apartments. Shibam is also called the “Manhattan of the desert.” That means they were over 100 feet that make them the world’s tallest mud brick apartments till now.

North America:

During the 10th century, the Chacoan people built gigantic residences with multiple rooms some of which even had more than 900 rooms. This area is in northwest New Mexico now. In 1839, these were first built in New York City to house poor immigrants. They were also used to accommodate tenants who were outlaws and organized crimes. These were also known for scrappy prices as rents. The first luxury apartment buildings in New York City were built in 1884 the Dakota. Many fought for the betterment of the accommodations that were provided in these apartments. Due to which the New York State Tenement House.

Act was passed in 1901 that urged to improve the living conditions in tenements. Later one more step was taken to improve so in 1949, President Harry S. Truman signed the Housing Act which stated to sanitize the slums and renovate housing accommodations for the poor class. Along with the sanitation and renovation new architectural designs were introduced like the Lake Shore Drive .

Apartments built in 1951, New Century Guild built in 1961; Marina City built in 1964, and Lake Point Tower built in 1968. These were a fine example of great architecture. These apartment buildings consisted of many stories that had three or more residences on one floor. They were not only of great value in architectural grounds but had a location great value too. They had proximity to jobs and public transportation. But with the betterment in the structural and vantage value the prices got much higher.

Australia is one of those countries that do not have much history regarding apartment living. This is due to the reason that it just caught on to the concept of apartment living recently. So it has a recent history in apartment living. When the population grew to alarming numbers, the first solution was to build terrace houses. Most of the Australians lived in fully independent houses. At that time, any apartment was decreed by the Parliament of Queensland as the Undue Subdivision of Land Prevention Act 1885.

The earliest apartments ever to be built were in Sydney and Melbourne in 1906. But unfortunately, those built in 1906 were demolished but there are still some that belong in 1910 the oldest in Australia as the Fawkner Mansions and Majestic Mansions. Some apartments known as walk-up “flats” i.e. without lifts were communal in the middle suburbs for the people with lower incomes. But after all in 1980’s modern and stylish apartment buildings started to emerge and revolutionized the apartment living concept.